Another Rehabilitation of Afghanistan Project

Construction is the one of the most important fields of activities for Proccea. Our company executing dozens of projects all over the world, has formally acheived being an established brand trusted by national and international organizations worldwide.

Proccea has completed projects successfully without compromising, business ethics and high sense of quality. 

Our employees are fully dedicated to fulfill each requirement, adding value by enforcing standards, adhering to regulations, knowledge and skills. Project management consists of Senior Architects & Engineers, Technicians, Quality Control Managers/Engineers, participating on a hands-on basis from beginning to completion of each project assigned.

Another Rehabilitation of Afghanistan Project in Paktika

Border police stations are designed to control the Afghanistan region and will be left to Afghan people. In addition to areas being unsecure also the terrain is though. The dessert and sand storms make the sites probably one of the most challenging projects ever. The local material availability is limited, and the logistic possibilities are limited. Proccea is proud to overcome these problems.

Recently started project will be turned over at the of 2013.