Activity Areas


EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)


We provide engineering, procurement and construction services to the
owner where we manage   the contract and the cost risk is assumed
by us and the control is weighted towards us. Our experience also  
includes design-adopt services in war zones.

Police Headquartes, Afghanistan, Sharana 
Afghanistan National   Police Toorgundhi
Border   Police ,Nimroz, Afganistan
Police   HQ, Zurmat,Afghanistan
Border Police Paktika   Afghanistan
Border   Police,Paktia, Afghanistan
Afghanistan National Police   Islam Qala 
Ancop   SSB Gardez, Paktika, Afghanistan


EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management)


We also provide engineering, procurement and construction management services
where the   contractors are contracted by the Owner directly to provide construction
services and they are usually   managed by the EPCM contractor on the Owner's behalf.
On EPCM services contracts, the project is largely   Owner managed and the cost risk
and control is weighted towards the Owner.

Chovdar Gold Mine

Intelligent Office





Proccea provides turnkey contracting
services where we are responsible for
all stages   of the project starting
conceptual design, detailed engineering,
procurement and construction
finally   through commissioning.

Infrastructure   Projects     
Domestic   Logistic Facilities    




Our activities in this field range from rehabilitation of existing buildings
to the   construction of commercial and residential properties through
purchase of land or on partnership basis with   the parcel owners.

Mass Housing Project   (Libya)
Oleyis I 
Oleyis II 
Oleyis   III 
Yeni   Batı